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You CAN thrive in spite of difficulties, challenges and loss!

Join Kim Forchuk, M.O.M.; Brenda Berube, Yoga Instructor; and Karen Lanser, Counsellor/Life Coach for a day of inspiration, meditation, and healing! These three ladies each bring their knowledge, life experiences and healing energy to the day. Kim brings inspiration by sharing her story and shares how she has been inspired to thrive in spite of loss. Brenda brings nurturing and relaxation through her beautiful yoga to balance and ground the energy in the room. Karen brings her gift for creating a warm and safe space for all in attendance with her compassion and understanding of the human spirit.

Register early as space is limited … minimum of 8 and maximum of 10 participants.

To register please contact Karen Lanser by text or phone (403) 317-1117.

Date: Sunday, March 31, 2019

Time: 10:00 – 4:00pm  (lunch/snacks included)

Place: Peaceful Mind Wellness Centre, 5213 – 48 Avenue, Taber, Alberta, T1G 1S8

Cost: $149 (Your space will be confirmed once your payment has been received)


LIVE A GREAT LIFE ANYWAY …  despite people, experiences or circumstances!

This one day workshop poses the question:

Who would you be, what would you have and what could you do if:

  • life handed you all the right circumstances
  • you had the right childhood
  • you had enough money
  • no one got in your way
  • you had enough time
  • luck was on your side

If you are like most of us, you have probably never thought about it!  We spend most of our time dealing with what seems to show up in our lives, rather than going after our dreams and desires. When we do catch ourselves wishing things were different, we often hear a voice in our head saying things like…

  • “Maybe if I had more time …”
  • “I could never afford it”
  • “I’ll do it later … “
  • “I’ll think about it when the kids are grown… “
  • “Get real … who do you think you are …”
  • “People would think I’m crazy…”

These are the reasons we use to bury our dreams and desires. These thoughts seem like legitimate beliefs for why things can’t be different. They are really just the excuses that keep us stuck in unhappy relationships, doing jobs we hate and missing the joys life has to offer. Sometimes we have buried our dreams so deep we can’t even see them – or – we get so distracted by life that we forget that we even had dreams.

What could happen if you let yourself dream for a moment?

Invest one day in yourself and discover 6 simple practices to help you create more of what you want in your life!  Take this lively opportunity to benefit from the unique blend of energy and intuition Karen brings to her workshops.


For more information  or to express interest in attending the next group, please email  Karen at or call 1-403-317-1117.




Six consecutive evening class calls on a conference line with guided exercises that will change your life for the better:

  • Understand that EVERY choice you make matters.
  • Learn how to use The Right Questions to guide your choices.
  • Set one goal, some result you desire, and use this course to help you get there.
  • Learn about your unconscious commitments that keep you making self-sabotaging choices.
  • Shift the choices that rob you of energy.
  • Recognize when fear directs your choices and learn how to step into faith.
  • Learn to listen to your inner voice to make empowering choices.

You will learn how to use The Right Questions to support you in making powerful choices to move you toward your goal.




Carl Jung defined ‘the shadow’ as ‘the part of ourselves that we would rather not be.’

Our ‘shadows’ are the parts of ourselves that we judge as wrong, bad, and unacceptable.  For example, some of think we are too loud, stupid, unworthy, insignificant, etc. We then unconsciously try to hide those qualities and keep others from seeing them.  This pattern often gets in the way of us living the life of our dreams.

In this one day workshop, I will support you in exposing the pervasive and often hidden impulses that influence your everyday decisions and more importantly, provide you with tools to break free from the limitations of fear, shame, regret, and sabotaging behaviors so you can live the life you truly desire.

For more information or to express interest in attending the next group, please email  Karen at or call 1-403-317-1117.

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