Integrative Coaching™

Integrative Coaching™ is known as the next evolution in personal coaching! It is a process for transforming your life that is more than just motivational. It works with the client to seek out the root cause of obstacles and personal struggle.

Our core belief is that we are born with complete self acceptance. Babies don’t come into this world berating themselves for being too bald, too fat or too short. As we grow and experience the challenges and obstacles that are part of being human, we are taught to be uncomfortable with parts of our humanity. We do not want others to see our weaknesses so we try to bury, deny or resist those characteristics we think are undesirable.

The beliefs we have about the qualities we repress can then control our thoughts and behaviors without our conscious awareness. It has been said that “what you can’t be with, won’t let you be” or as Dr. Phil says “you have to name it to claim it”. When we can identify how each of our life events has taught us something or has been of benefit in our lives, we can begin to accept ourselves completely. By doing this inner work, we are free to leave the past behind and create the life of our dreams.

In a safe environment using proven techniques we will provide tools, empowering feedback, clear support and heartfelt inspiration to assist you in achieving your goals. While in a coaching relationship, you will be held to the highest vision of yourself and supported in overcoming obstacles, excuses and beliefs that no longer serve you. These powerful processes will inspire you to make peace with your past and create an extraordinary life.

Integrative Coaching™ is not therapy or counselling. Coaching is intended for forward thinking men and women who want to achieve excellence in their relationships, work, career, health, finances, etc.

Several models of coaching are available and are all founded upon the work of Debbie Ford:

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