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Circles of Kindness

In the spirit with which all our study groups and retreats have been meeting over the years, a portion of participant registration fees are reserved in order to give back to the community.  We also provide subsidies and bursaries for those who would like to participate in a group/retreat but for whom finances  are a barrier.

Our intention is to foster the spirit of kindness and keep paying it forward one person at a time.  We hear more than enough complaints about how bad things are in the world, but it is our belief that it is better to add to the light than grumble about the darkness.

We invite everyone participating in our groups/retreats to shine brightly in their lives in order to brighten the corner of the world they call home.  We trust that each person will be divinely guided to the perfect way.  Previous group participants have done so by:

  • performing a random act of kindness
  • spreading some joy where there might be tears.

If you are interested in supporting our collective efforts, please feel free to contact info, for more information on how you can help.


Source Unknown but deeply appreciated!

Better Because of You!

There is no doubt that the most horrendous circumstances in our lives have literally changed who we are! However … it is also important to recognize that we are also forever changed for the better by the many people our lives who may be oblivious to the positive significance they have played in who we have become and/or who we would ultimately like to become.  I recently became aware of how often the significance that people play in other people’s lives goes unacknowledged and unrecognized.

 I decided that I would like to acknowledge, appreciate and recognize ALL those people in my life for whom I KNOW that I am better simply because of their ‘being’ in my life!’!  I feel inspired to validate people who have impacted ‘who I have become’, and ‘who I can possibly be’ … simply because of their presence in my life!!  As well, it  recently occurred to me that it is NOT the letters behind my name that will  ultimately help me make a difference in the world, but rather, the letters of gratitude that are signed with my name!

In keeping with that, I have made a commitment to privately appreciate and acknowledge the people who have influenced who I have become … (in e-mails, letters and cards ). As a result, I have created the Better Because of You forum for those of us who are inspired to publicly acknowledge how your have become better because of that person’s presence in their lives!  If you are inspired to do so, please feel free to submit your recognition of those who have helped ‘to make you what you are today’ and I will post it to the site.

I am so excited to add this ‘light’ to the world!

With Warmest Appreciation,


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Better Because of “The Vow” … By Debbie Ford

Perhaps 2018 is the year for us to make this impeccable vow to ourselves and for ourselves.  In this short 4 minutes … Debbie Ford invites each and every one of us to stand in the best expression of who we can be in the world. We are all so much better for the legacy […]

Better Because of Our 13 Days …

She’d been in my life for 43 years.  For much longer than my own mom … who died when I was 31.  I remember when she excitedly extended her hand to show me her rings. I had travelled 1195 kilometers to visit with her and my dad. Sick. I felt entirely sick. She never said […]

Teresa – A Fond Tribute to your Spectacular Sparkle and Gregarious Grit!

The last time I saw her was a few years back.  We had been waiting in line for quite some time and were just being seated at our table at the IHOP that had recently opened in Lethbridge. Teresa had already eaten and was just leaving … but after enjoying one of her big warm […]

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My husband has been working out of the town for the last couple of weeks. He is an oilfield consultant and heavy equipment operator.  He loves his job.  Sometimes I tease that he gets paid to play in the dirt! He doesn’t just move dirt … he creates works of art.   His approach to his construction […]

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