Blueprint Shadow Model


The blueprint model is based upon the premise that each one of us is operating from a ‘set of instructions’ that are beneath our conscious awareness.  We tend to live our lives according to the patterns we learned in our past  … all our actions, choices, behaviors, reactions, successes, failures, wants and disappointments are generally tied to a ‘theme’ that has developed over time which seems to define our life story.   When our ‘blueprint’ is exposed, we can step out of operating from the beliefs of our past and step into a more empowering future.  For example, I developed the pattern of people-pleasing as a result of my past … one of my beliefs was that it is not OK to be selfish.  This belief prevented me from stepping out of the pattern of self-sacrifice and self-denial that was draining my energy and making me resent the people I was so intent of giving to …

With this 16 week model, you will learn to:

  • Identify the underlying beliefs that undermine your success
  • End your self-sabotaging behaviors to clear the path to your greatness
  • Uncover your soul’s blueprint
  • Create an action plan that promises to deliver you a life you deserve
  • Become the person you always wanted to be
  • Embrace all of who you are

This very rare and potent coaching model will uncover the blueprint of your soul’s greatest contribution and support you in being courageous, bold and unstoppable. Please contact me with any questions you might have or for more information about this amazing process!


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