[Guest Post]: i loved this. and then it got even better.

This extraordinary post stirred up a huge smile in my heart!  With deep thanks to KSBeth for this lovely invitation to savor our moments by seeing them through a new set of eyes!   For some reason, though, the clipping is blurry in my re-post.  So, be sure to click onto the original post at “I didn’t have my glasses on…”  in order to read the newspaper clip! And … while you are there, take a little time to enjoy some of the other beautiful posts KSBeth has shared there!  ❤

Simply magical … Karen

I didn't have my glasses on....


this was sent to me


my sister


i could



every word

for it’s



to life

that i share

with the small boy

in the words above


and then

there was

the orange sticky note


she attached

to it

and i












it shows


she truly


who i am.

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A Little Inspiration …

Thinking Out Loud / I’m Not The Only One MASHUP
Sam Tsui & Casey Breves singing Ed Sheeran And Sam Smith At The Same Time.  

From where I am looking, exceptional music is one of life’s little miracles …

May this extraordinary and highly creative collaboration delight your senses and stir your soul … Karen




And so … I ordered the onions.

treat yourself

I just got back from a wonderous, shirt-sleeved, sun drenched mid-day walk listening to Anne Lamott narrate her book “Help-Thanks-Wow.: The Three Essential Prayers(using the Audible app on my android phone). Being able to read and walk at the same time is sheer ecstasy, but that is beside the point. It was only for an hour, but this moment was noteworthy because, if you knew me and/or the climate here in Southern Alberta, Canada in February you would know the relative implausibility of such an indulgence. My perpetual patterns of ‘work before play’ and merciless martyrdom would typically prohibit such carefree meandering.  And, the often harsh weather patterns of wind, snow and freezing temperatures usually forbid such outdoor activity without copious layering of long underwear, toques, mitts and scarves. But, there I was … bare-armed and bold-faced ignoring the responsibilities that would usually consume me and I was wandering about the Universe with a smile in my heart instead. Clearly, this is no ordinary February.

But the story I want to share didn’t start with my walk. It all began, in earnest, as I turned the 2015 calendar to February and noticed that the first thing on my agenda was a Reike appointment.  We drew some cards to gain some insight into the next six months, and my February card was “What do you desire?”  It was suggested by my very intuitive Reike practitioner that I put that question at the top of my Daytimer and let my dreams, desires and delights guide my thoughts, words and deeds for February.  Well … I skeptically pondered how on earth I could manage to honor this directive given that my best efforts and intentions over the last 20 years to disrupt my default self-denial have been nothing short of epic fails. Not being one to ignore divine guidance … I wrote it on my calendar anyway.

As you know, Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and we’re honoring cupid’s big day at work by resurrecting the old school age ritual of tucking little cards with cute sayings into envelopes for others. I was filling mine out on Wednesday and one of the brightly colored “Be Mine” cartoony ones popped into my lap! As I pondered which of my colleagues might be best suited for this heart-felt bequest … a crazy thought caught my awareness. Maybe that card was meant for me!  What if February 2015 marked the start of me showing as much love to myself as I typically offer to others??

It seemed crazy, but so began my awkward, uncomfortable and tentative commitment to such radical self-love. And then Thursday at lunch with my dear friends Robin and Deb after yoga class … there was this burger. Although I had clients in the afternoon with whom I would be in very close proximity … it was February 2015 and I had just made this commitment to honor my desires and show myself some love. And so … I ordered the onions. It was an act of self-love. Really it was. I opted to offer my client’s an apology and myself a breath mint. And it tickled my heart.

And … today, Friday, only three days into this craziness, I added fuel to my own internal flame when I abandoned my responsibilities and went for that walk with Anne Lamott that I just described. And now, I am going to pour myself a lovely glass of Malbec … and … give myself permission to reflect really deeply around how I can smother my newest Valentine with love tomorrow.  As Anne Sexton once suggested, I am going to put my ear down really close to my soul and listen hard to what she really wants to do for the day. You never know … maybe there are a whole schwack of beautiful moments that can “be mine” if I allow myself to listen to what I truly need, want and desire.

And “Happy Valentines Day” to all of you too! May you find yourself smothered in love … and … onions.  Yes, I highly recommend you order the onions whenever you get the chance!
Hugs, Karen


“Drenched in Holiness” …

With heartfelt reverence for whichever faith base you and your loved ones celebrate during the holy days, may you find yourself “Drenched in Holiness”

Thank you Debbie Ford for this exquisite reminder of how we might be LOVE and bring LIGHT to our lives, our family and friends, our communities, and our entire globe …

With a humble heart, Karen

Drenched in Holiness ... Debbie Ford

With Deepest Gratitude to the incomparable Debbie Ford for this Sacred Prayer

The Appreciative Heart …

Source unknown but deeply appreciated!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I am compelled to share an inspiring and uplifting newsletter from The Ford Institute for Transformational Training  beautifully written by Kelley Kosow which includes an audio recording of the most magnificent prayer of thanks I have ever heard.

The prayer is entitled The Appreciative Heart and was generously gifted to us by the late Debbie Ford herself.  Upon hearing the rich, velvety texture of her voice I was reduced to tears … tears of sheer gratitude magnified by the humble, gracious and appreciative energy I experienced as I allowed myself to dwell in the space of pure appreciation … pure appreciation for all that I so absentmindedly tend to take for granted.

I share this gift with you here and hope you will take a moment to let your heart be nourished with the vibrational frequency of pure gratitude  offered and inspired by the spirit in this extraordinary prayer.  May the legacy of pure love that Debbie Ford inspired on this planet continue to touch us all …

The Appreciative Heart

With deepest gratitude, Karen

P.S. You can download it onto your phone should you want to listen to it again as you make your way through your day!

A Tragic Misunderstanding …

With acknowledgement to the Internal Acceptance Movement [I.A.M.]

My ‘effing’ story got me again.  It’s so frustrating because as a counsellor/therapist and life coach I have been impeccably trained to help people bust through the nasty stories that are lurking insidiously in the shadows of their minds.  In fact, I’m actually really good at it.  I’m usually pretty good at managing my own unfavorable narratives too, but …

Every once in a blue moon the most painful ‘shadow belief’ that tagged along from my childhood literally blindsides me.  It reeks sheer havoc with my soul and then leaves me shattered, shaken and grievously grappling for solace.  And I get so frustrated, because although I KNOW that my story isn’t true … when it takes hold … it FEELS so true. And, my logical mind can’t seem to talk my emotional heart out of it’s desperate despair.

My “I don’t matter” story is strong and powerful and perilously persistent.  It emerged in my childhood … an erroneous interpretation of a wee little girl just trying to make sense of the neglect she experienced in a dysfunctional home ravaged by addictions and mental health issues. She couldn’t see, at the time, that her parents were caught up in the wounds of their own painful dramas.  So instead, she attributed their lack of attention to her needs as a reflection of  her own insignificance.  A tragic misunderstanding.  A terribly tragic misunderstanding.

Through the exceptional body of work inspired by the late Debbie Ford, I’ve been effectively ‘rewiring’ the neuro-template that was firmly etched into my psyche by that erroneous interpretation.  Thankfully, it doesn’t take me down all that often anymore, but … if/when it gets away on me, that negative cognition has the capacity to so steal so much joy from my heart … and … it can convincingly morph itself into any number of painful correlates:

“Nobody REALLY cares about me.”

“My needs are meaningless to others.”

“I’m completely expendable.”

“I’m absolutely inconsequential”

“I’m only appreciated for what I can give to/do for others.”

Blah … Blah … Blah … Blah … Blah. 

Recently, while marinating in the vulnerability of that unfavorable quagmire, I found myself beseeching  a miracle.  I was pleading for a merciful release from the wretched pain of that effing story. And … low and behold … I came upon Daniell Koepke.  Her words landed gently like a warm and loving salve on the jagged and raw edges of my tattered and torn heart.  Who was this person who knew exactly what I needed to be reminded of in the agonizing ache of those moments??

I felt compelled to look her up.  It turns out she has inspired the Internal Acceptance Movement.  She has written some inspiring reflections!  She was my angel in that moment offering a meaningful measure of pure grace and the miracle I was looking for … the ability to shift my perceptions from an energy of fear to a spirit of love and acceptance. So I’d like to say “Thank you Daniell.”  Your thoughtful perspective answered my call.

And … I am sharing this with all of you publicly because I want to pay forward the blessings in her wise words – just in case, you too, find yourself consumed by a painful belief you’ve lugged along from your past … and … just in case, you too, are in need of a wee miracle.  If so, you might let some of her words wash warmly over your soul  when you are in need of some help busting out of your own sad story …

With deepest respect for our collective wounding, Karen


[Guest Blog]: Isn’t She Beautiful … ?











Beauty is such a cultural obsession

It delighted me to the core to find Glennon Doyle Melton’s short, witty but very wise shift in perspective on the subject of beauty in our culture … made me smile clear through to my heart.


Let her ‘beautiful’ thoughts fill you … deeply … humbly … truly.

And … have a beautiful day …  pun intended!!

Warmly, Karen

P.S.  Don’t stop at just this one … if you haven’t checked out the other  heart stretching and mind-fully written blogs by Glennon at Momastery … please gift yourself with more of her extra-ordinary writing!  A quick smattering of a few of my other favorites include:






Little Miracles …

May you find many little  miracle moments sprinkled along your path today ...

May you find many little miracle moments sprinkled along your path today … With warmest smiles, Karen


What are these things called “miracles” …


According to A Course in Miracles … miracles are simply shifts in perception from fear to love.  I deeply appreciate this definition because it means that the joys in our lives not determined by having the right circumstances, but rather, by having the right perspective from which to interpret our circumstances.

I believe if we are willing to shift our gaze … we will be able to find many blessings in the challenges we experience in our lives … and … from this grateful perspective, we are able to learn how to savor the moments along our unique paths rather than simply endure them.

As Albert Einstein so beautifully stated:

“There are only two ways to live your life:  One is as though nothing is a miracle … the other is as though everything is a miracle”

May we all find many miracle moments as we make our way through our days,


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